woensdag 11 december 2013

Guest blog: If you give your mom a horse

Circle story by J. Wolters

The author
If you give your mom a horse, she will probably ask for some hay to feed the horse. When your mom feeds the horse she will probably feel its tongue on her hands and get scared. She will scream and throw the hay in the air. And the horse will get so dirty, she will ask for some water and soap to wash the horse. While she washes the horse, it will remind her that she needs to wash the cows. While she washes the cows, she will probably hear the chickens clocking nearby. That will remind her that she needs to give them seeds. When she finished feeding the chickens she will see the apple tree, a real Johnny Appleseed tree, in the orchard. Feeding and washing the animals will make her hungry. When she tries to grab an apple it may fall in the grass. The grass will remind her of hay. She will ask for a bundle of hay. And chances are when you give her the hay, she will ask for her horse to feed it.

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