dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Guest blog by J. Wolters

Onze schrijver bleek ook nog een dichter. Hoe leuk is dat!

Flying like a Peregrine (haiku)

Fast and dangerous
Quickly charging like the wind
As he dives for lunch

Color poems


Sounds like a frog that ribbits in a pond with flies
Smells like freshly cut grass on a hot summer day
Tastes like green sprinkles on my freshly baked bread
Feels like  slimy soap on my hands after science

Blue (2013)

Smells like a blueberry
Tastes like blueberry cake
Sounds like the blue water
Feels like my blue soft pillow

Puffer Fish

Once in an aquarium, some spiky yellow fishes,
Were tired of being watched and had a couple wishes
They wanted freedom! They wanted a break!
They missed hunting and swimming in their old lake.