vrijdag 15 april 2016

A refugee's point of view

Guestblog by J. Wolters

Hi I'm Hasan and I'm going to tell my story starting from arriving in Prague till becoming a member of a church.

I just arrived at at the Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. It's a small airport. I don’t like the weather. It's cold. But I guess I will have to live with it. How do I get to the metro? Ah, there is a bus going to Nádraží Veleslavín. It says metro next to it. Great, where's my wallet? Here it is. Now I can pay. What!? I have to pay double price. Maybe the stickers are old.

When I enter the bus I get angry looks. I sit down next to someone who immediately stands up. When I enter the metro some people leave. I look around and see a sticker “ refugees not welcome” I did not speak english well. Luckily it said it in arabic. Luckily? “ اللاجئين غير مرحب بهم” What!? I’m a person too. Some teenagers laughed at me. I ignored them.

I was thunderstruck. I started noticing them all over. They were everywhere. One day someone threw a tomato at me on my way home. The home which I found online. It was the only home that someone rent me.I had to redo the paint and the floor. I found a job which paid enough to buy food and pay the rent. I was a trash man. I smelt bad too.
Once every few months I saw a sticker that said “refugees welcome” and “اللاجئون يرحبون” but I started thinking “am I really not welcome here?”

One sunday morning when I was walking around the neighborhood a man walked up to me (I knew some English by now) and told me his name: Petr. He asked if I would like to come to church with him. I said yes since I did not have anything to do. He was basically the only nice person I met so far. When we arrived at his church, which was close by, I was greeted with warm smiles. It was the first place where I felt at home. They started with cookies and coffee or tea. After that they sat down at some tables. First they sang some songs. Next a kid came up front and read something from a big book which said “Bible” on the front. Next a big tall man came up. Petr was with him. He started talking in english. Every few sentences he would pause and Petr would say it in Czech. Because the man spoke in english I could understand him. He spoke words which I believed. After the service I asked petr if he would study the big book with me. He said yes. I was glad.

Every friday we would meet and talk about the big book which was called bible. it was areally nice one. I learned a lot. I like the story of David best. Petr said that from David’s family baby Jesus would be born. When we talked about Jesus he said that he would come back some day. Five weeks later I became a christian. When I became christian Petr asked if I would like to do my testimony. I said yes.

That sunday when Petr asked me to come up. I came and started talking.
“I was a hard working at Radio Free Europe in secret. Many people tried to kill me and my family. I had a wife ‘Fatima’ and twins “Ahmed and Mohamed” and my name is Hasan. One day at the radio  someone came running in and said “Hasan you must leave now you're wife and children are killed they are looking for you now” I grabbed some clothes, a toothbrush, and my phone. I ran for the airplane and left. Now I’m here and I like it. Even though it is cold. I really like being a part of this church.” I don't know what will happen in the future. I hope it will be good. But only God knows what will happen and I trust him. I hope I can stay here because I feel loved here. 

The end.

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